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Connor Halstead Fucks Jack Gunther in ‘That’s a Big Cock On You!’ at Extra Big Dicks

That's a Big Cock On You! (Connor Halstead Fucks Jack Gunther) at ExtraBigDicks

Jack Gunther is in the locker room undressing after his workout when Connor Halstead walks in. He too begins to undress, but he is being very shy about it because his cock is hard as a rock.

Maskurbate: Ricci Hulk (Straight Muscle Debut)

Ricci Hulk (Straight Muscle Debut) at Maskurbate

This is Ricci Hulk’s debut on Maskurbate. Straight muscled guys are always attracted by wearing the famous mask. I guess they feel more comfortable to let go their inhibitions. I don’t know Ricci very well but he looked very confident in front of me and my camera. He’s got a tough look but he’s a really sweet guy. He told me he liked his audition very much and would be interested in doing another one. So I guess we’ll see him very soon!

Brendan Patrick Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Boys Of Summer’ Scene 3 at Icon Male

Boys Of Summer (Brendan Patrick Fucks Armond Rizzo) (Scene 3) at Icon Male

Sexy, shy Brendan Patrick is desperate to feel desired, and predatory hottie Armond Rizzo moves in on his easy prey. Hairy, bearded, hard-body Brendan is no match for sex addict Armond, who seduces the older Irishman for an intense round of dick sucking, rimming, and explosive fucking.

BoysHalfwayHouse: Incident #158 (Spoiling An Untouched Boyhole)

Incident #158 (Spoiling An Untouched Boyhole) at Boys Halfway House

Me and our new junior House Manager decided to give this resident the full treatment. We marched into his room and woke him out of bed. He had one of those fucking annoying smirks on his face, like we couldn’t do anything to him. That really got us going, and before too long that smirk was wiped off of his face completely. When he began sucking one of our cocks, you could already see in his face that he was planning on how to get the hell out of there. His mouth was soft and warm, though, and eventually we both dipped our cocks in it. He was sucking one of us while jerking the other, looking up at us almost as if he were a little lost. Well, I’m sure he was, since he doubtful had been in a situation like this before. The gears in his little brain were definitely working overtime.

CorbinFisher: Beau Works Out Wesley (Bareback)

Beau Works Out Wesley (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Though lately Beau has been showing off his talents as a bottom, he’s got a burning urge to fuck and lucky Wesley is left in the enviable position of getting to suck his thick cock, eat out his perfect, hairy ass, and then take a pounding from him all over the gym equipment!

Family Dick: Daddy’s Little Boy Chapter 10: How To Fuck Your Dad (with Jacob Armstrong (Dad) and Austin Armstrong (Son))

Daddy's Little Boy Chapter 10: How To Fuck Your Dad (with Jacob Armstrong (Dad) and Austin Armstrong (Son)) at FamilyDick

Part of a father’s duty is teaching his son about the birds and the bees. But for daddy Jacob, he’s found it’s best to “show” rather than just “tell.” Little Austin can’t get enough of his old man’s hard cock, but his step dad knows that’s only half the lesson. Catching his son jerking off to his own home videos, he gives his little boy a golden opportunity: the chance to know what it’s like to be the top! He takes his nervous stepson by the hand and shows him exactly how to fuck. Starting with how to properly mount a tight hole, Austin then plants his big boy dick deep inside him, learning not just how to plow him, but how to plant his young seed as well.

Young Perps: Petty Theft (Officer Drake Magnum Interrogates and Fucks Two Perps) (Case # 1801015-02)

Petty Theft (Case # 1801015-02) at YoungPerps

In case 1801015-02, two buddies head to the electronics store hoping to check out the post holiday sales. But apparently, the only deal one of them is interested in is five-finger discount. He doesn’t know his friend has already had a run-in with the pervy Loss Prevention Officer and tries to swipe a tiny camera for himself. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re caught on camera stealing cameras! Not wanting to end up in jail, the two agree to the officer’s own special deal: take his big, raw cock and avoid the slammer!

Nate Donaghy Fucks Ariel Vanean in ‘Mediterranean Bromance’ at Bel Ami Online

Mediterranean Bromance (Nate Donaghy Fucks Ariel Vanean) (Bareback) at

We have Ariel Vanean and Nate Donaghy in front of the camera. The blue skies and pleasant weather always put the boys in a great mood, and a great mood makes for great sex. Ariel is on the bottom here enjoying every thrust of Nates big dick until he shoots his load all over himself.

Connor Maguire Fucks Jordan Boss in ‘Better Than My Sister’ at MEN

Better Than My Sister (Connor Maguire Fucks Jordan Boss) at Str8 To Gay

Jordan Boss walks in on his unsuspecting sister and Connor Maguire having sex. He whips out his dick and drops his pants so Connor can see what else he can get and how much better he can get it.

MormonBoyz: Initiation: Elder Zachary (with Bishop Hart)

Initiation: Elder Zachary (with Brother Hart) at

Elder Zachary’s (aka Xavier Ryan) attraction to Bishop Hart (aka Lance Hart) couldn’t be denied, leading the handsome leader to bring him immediately into the Order. Cleaning up the cum from the boy’s body, he led him to a ceremonial room to bless his body and initiate him into the Higher Priesthood’s induction process.

American College Sex: Fletcher & Baker Fool Around (Bareback)

Fletcher & Baker Fool Around (Bareback) at AmateurCollegeSex

Baker, in the long Corbin Fisher tradition of our veterans showing newbies the ropes, is here to help Fletcher realize his full potential. Being the generous soul that he is, Baker’s going to share not only our hot co-ed with Fletcher, but will offer up his own hot jock ass for Fletcher’s pleasure!

Quentin Gainz and Cameron Boyd Flip-Fuck in ‘A Big Spiritual Gift’ at NextDoorBUDDIES

A Big Spiritual Gift (Quentin Gainz and Cameron Boyd Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at Next Door Buddies

Underneath the Buddha statue, Quentin Gainz and Cameron Boyd forge a bond that goes beyond physical, as they share their passion for one another. Cameron is in heaven as Quentin kisses his way down Cameron’s body, removing his pants and unveiling his hard cock. Quentin quickly takes it into his mouth, downing it in one fell swoop as Cameron closes his eyes and moans in pure delight. He returns the favor, working Quentin’s shaft and making his way down to his hole, moistening it up in preparation for his hard dick.

TimTales: Cristian Sam Fucks Joaquin Santana

Cristian Sam Fucks Joaquin Santana at TimTales

Big dicked Alpha Top fucking a little Colombian Twink! An easy and simple phrase that we love to hear at Timtales. Joaquin Santana gives his petit hole to the rough Argentinian Fucker Cristian Sam. And of course, he destroyed that little latino ass to perfection. Enjoy :)

ChaosMen: Roman Glazer and Barney (Serviced)

Roman Glazer and Barney (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Barney sure was ready to do a blow job video. His experiences with guys have been jerking-off and swapping oral. It sounds like it happens infrequently, and he was very eager to mess around with a guy again. He is somewhat serious and focused at the beginning of the video. Intensely interested as he watches Roman Glazer stroke his thick cock.

SeanCody: Landon Fucks Joe (Bareback)

Landon Fucks Joe (Bareback) at SeanCody

Joe was very excited to see Landon…so much so that he was all over him! “You guys finally gave me something I asked for.” Of course, Landon didn’t mind the attention at all, “I’ve heard about you…” Landon was eager to test Joe’s limits, and being as horny and cum hungry as he was, Joe was more than happy to show Landon what he could handle. After some body and muscle worshipping, these two hotties went right to it, and satisfaction was definitely reached.

Jack Hunter and Ollie Flip-Fuck in ‘Postcards From LA’ at CockyBoys

Postcards From LA: Ollie and Jack Hunter Flip-Fuck at

Jack Hunter & Ollie’s (formerly Ollie of Sean Cody) fun and flirty day at the beach winds down with a balmy sunset, but when they return to their room their simmering sexual chemistry bursts into a full flame of passion right as soon as they close the door. After deep kissing one another, Jack makes his way down Ollie’s hard body to his cock where his mouth engulfs his hardening cock. Soon Ollie is eager to return the pleasure..especially once he gets a look at Jack’s ginormous cock. He has to use his hands and his mouth to take on Jack, but Ollie perseveres in his oral challenge.

Brad Powers Fucks Gavin Taylor in ‘Anything To Make The Team’ at MEN

Anything To Make The Team (Brad Powers Fucks Gavin Taylor) at BigDicksAtSchool

Gavin Taylor will do anything to make the team and that includes giving up some ass to his more than willing coach, Brad Powers.

Dalton Riley and Gunner Canon Flip-Fuck in ‘Wrong Dude’ at NextDoorSTUDIOS

Wrong Dude (Dalton Riley and Gunner Canon Flip-Fuck) (Bareback) at Next Door Studios

With a knock at the door, Dalton Riley is ready for action. Journeyman Gunner Canon, answering an ad for day labor, just happened to knock on the wrong door at the right time, so when he shows up looking hot and rugged, Dalton just assumes he’s the escort he called. Gunner seems confused when Dalton whips his cock out, but takes one look at Dalton’s impressive member and decides he can still be of service here. Immediately he falls to his knees and begins to work Dalton’s cock with his mouth, as Dalton goes from semi-chub to full on diamond cutting hard on in no time.

Rikk York and Nate Stetson in ’24-Hour Boner’ Scene 5 at Raging Stallion

24-Hour Boner (Rikk York and Nate Stetson) (Scene 5) at Raging Stallion

With all the action that’s been going on in the store today, Rikk York finds the place a wreck and is trying to clean the place up. He’s still horny from drinking a boner elixir earlier and customer Nate Stetson enters to catch him playing with his throbbing hard-on. Nate agrees to help Rikk out, and the two start making out on the store floor.

Sergeant Miles Fucks Skyy Knox in ‘Get LIT’ Scene 3 at Hot House

Get LIT (Sergeant Miles Fucks Skyy Knox) (Scene 3) at Hothouse

Skyy Knox and Sergeant Miles come together in a smoky, dim room where all that matters is the feel of their flesh pressed against each other. The studs go slow, taking time to enjoy every inch of sweaty skin the other has to offer. After licking and exploring every bit of hard body that Sergeant has to offer, Skyy gets on his knees in front of the extra hung stud.

Teddy Bryce Fucks Liam Aries in ‘Assistant’ at Dylan Lucas

Assistant (Teddy Bryce Fucks Liam Aries) at DylanLucas

Liam Aries is being interviewed by Teddy Bryce for a new job as his assistant. Liam claims to know exactly what to do without any training. Once Teddy hears Liam boasting about how good he is at his job he stands up and unzips his pants right in front of his face. Without any hesitation Liam wraps his eager little mouth around his, possibly, new boss’s hard throbbing cock. Teddy fucks his faced deep and hard making him gag and drool all over the ground.

Helix Studios: Angel’s Assets (with Angel Rivera)

Angel's Assets (with Angel Rivera) at HelixStudios

Angel Rivera will seduce you with his movie star good looks fully clothed. But baby, when he starts peeling those clothes away brace yourself for a jaw dropping, mouth watering, cock thickening experience! This boy is BEAUTIFUL and he knows it, but un-cocky and willing to share all his gorgeous gifts with you. The shirt cums off first, revealing a chiseled body and puffed up, smooth pecs along with beautiful back muscles that ripple as he reaches to get at his underwear.

ActiveDuty: Mack (New Recruit)

Mack (New Recruit) at ActiveDuty

Mack starts out slow as he takes his shirt off and moving slowly down to undo his pants. Once he unzips his pants his sexy hard cock flops right out and he grabs it with both hands and immediately starts masturbating. He has a great looking dick and his thick firm thighs are to die for.