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Josh Brady Fucks Cole Claire and Angel Rivera in ‘2-for-1’ at Helix Studios

2-for-1 (Josh Brady Fucks Cole Claire and Angel Rivera) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Two innocent looking, beautiful twinks with EPIC asses have been very, very bad. Cole Claire along with new boy and jock strapped kink lover Angel Rivera are in desperate need of pleasurable punishment. Big dicked ass master Josh Brady owns these two tasty tushes with a strong hand and a huge cock.

Corbin Colby Fucks Cole Claire in ‘Jock Cock’ at Helix Studios

Jock Cock (Corbin Colby Fucks Cole Claire) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Corbin Colby is killin’ it shooting hoops alone on the basketball court while cutie Cole Claire sits on the bench getting a bird’s eye view of the baller’s HUGE bulge bouncing around in his shorts. When Colby’s ball rolls out of bounds towards the twink, he starts fantasizing about the balls in Corbin’s shorts hanging under his chin. Luckily, we get to crawl inside Cole’s cock filled imagination and it is down right dirty!!!!

Helix Studios: Introducing Luke Wilder (with Cole Claire)

Introducing Luke Wilder (with Cole Claire) at HelixStudios

Luke Wilder is a sexy surfer and a fresh piece of manly meat cute twink Cole Claire has brought to Helix Studios. The guys discuss their first few meetings through Grindr with some funny stories and you can totally tell there’s great chemistry here.

Shane Cook Fucks Cole Claire in ‘WILL IT FIT?’ at Helix Studios

WILL IT FIT? (Shane Cook Fucks Cole Claire) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Cute twink Cole Claire is gettin’ naughty in the shower with our new, hot hunk Shane Cook. Cole is in heaven with cocky Cook as he shows off his massive muscles for the meat hungry whore while he man handles Claire’s bubble butt.

Joey Mills and Cole Claire Flip-Fuck in ‘Raw Rollers’ at Helix Studios

Raw Rollers (Joey Mills and Cole Claire Flip-Fuck) at HelixStudios

Joey Mills and Cole Claire spend the day roller blading and skate boarding together, sharing stories as they enjoy the romantic scenery. They also enjoy a crazy hot kiss on a pier that ends with mischievous Mills pushing Cole in the bay! Afterwards Joey offers the soaking wet sexpot a towel in his car and a dryer at his place and we quickly catch on to Mills master plan. Cole catches on too, but plays along since he’s anxious to get at that anaconda Joey is famous for.

Jeremy Price Fucks Cole Claire in ‘Well Priced’ at Helix Studios

Well Priced (Jeremy Price Fucks Cole Claire) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Hot and heavy from the start, Cole Claire and Jeremy Price can’t keep their hands off each other’s tight young, tasty bodies. Clothes cum off in seconds. Jeremy grabs Cole’s perfectly plump, fuckable feast of an ass then spins the power bottom around, anxious to get inside. Before bending our boy over, Jeremy gives the kid the reach around cause Cole’s cock is just as yummy as that hot little hole.

Helix Studios: Introducing Cole Claire (with Ryan Bailey)

Introducing Cole Claire (with Ryan Bailey) at HelixStudios

Cole Claire walks Ryan Bailey through his country boy youth of feeding gators in a small town which was so rural his graduating class only had 40 seniors! They also reminisce about the newbie’s full circle moment when his parents found out he was gay because they found Helix porn on his computer, and now….. Here he is making a video for Helix!

Cole Claire Loves Ass Play at Helix Studios

Cole Claire Loves Ass Play at HelixStudios

Sexy skater boy Cole Claire is working up a sweat in the parking garage trying out some new tricks on his board. He takes his shirt off to get more comfortable, revealing a tight body and perfect porcelain skin with a sexy tattoo peeking out above his waistline. He sits on his board to take a break from the heat and release some tension by unleashing his perfect cock!