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Maverick Men Directs: Wicked Tiny Hole, Monsta Cock (Dax Daniels & Levi)

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Wicked Tiny Hole, Monsta Cock (Dax Daniels & Levi) (Bareback) at Maverick Men Directs

I just LOVE bisexual guys! They’re always so open to trying new things. We introduced our bi bud Dax to our super adorable cutie deluxe Levi and the sparks (and cum) flew. Levi has such a sweet tight little ass and Dax has such a horse cock that we really couldn’t see how it was going to happen but man were we happy with the results!

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Sketchy Sex: FAT LOADS (Bareback)

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FAT LOADS (Bareback) at

So many hot dudes up in my ass. Shooting their fat load into me. I just need their big dicks to pump my ass full of cum.

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Corbin Fisher: Luke Creams Kellan (Bareback)

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Luke Creams Kellan (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Sunshine, pool, drinks, and the rock-hard dicks of hotties Kellan and Luke – can you ask for a better day?

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Broke Straight Boys: Flip Creampies Oliver Saxon (Bareback)

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Flip Creampies Oliver Saxon (Bareback) at Broke Straight Boys

Flip tells Oliver Saxon about his job as a personal trainer, which leads Oliver into some questions about what he can do to fix a pulled muscle from lifting…of course Flip was eager to help work it out for him! After a little massage, Flip takes off Oliver’s clothes and kisses his sweet ass, slipping his tongue between Oliver’s ass cheeks and rimming his sensitive hole while Flip reaches down between his legs and plays with his own member.

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Damien Crosse Fucks Diego Reyes in ‘At First Sight’ at

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At First Sight (Damien Crosse Fucks Diego Reyes) at Gods Of Men

Damien Crosse was hooked from the first moment he set eyes on Diego Reyes. Cocks are sucked and asses are eaten leading up to the main dish. Damien works his dick into Diego, deliberately slow and steady before beginning the deep dicking.

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Gay Hoopla: Adrian Monroe

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Adrian Monroe at GayHoopla

Fit Preppy Boy Next Door Adrian Monroe JERKS OFF.

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SeanCody: Jakob Fucks Blake (Bareback)

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Jakob Fucks Blake (Bareback) at SeanCody

Jakob is back to fuck some ass – something he hasn’t done before with a guy, and Blake is happy to show him the ropes!

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TimTales: Koldo Goran Fucks Caleb King (Bareback)

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Koldo Goran Fucks Caleb King (Bareback) at TimTales

Our Canadian golden beast Caleb King meets the Spanish bareback fucker by excellence Koldo Goran. Two Timtales Exclusives in this scene of deep raw hole breeding. “Fuck me!” says Caleb repeatedly while Koldo gladly answers the call with his patented raw strokes. That massive thick cock definitely impressed Caleb inside and out!

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ChaosMen: Barton & Sean Peyton (Serviced)

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Barton & Sean Peyton (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Sean Peyton was especially pleased when I sent some pictures of Barton to him the night before the shoot.

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Anthony London and Dirk Caber Flip-Fuck in ‘2 Men Kiss’ Scene 3 at Titan Men

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2 Men Kiss (Anthony London and Dirk Caber Flip-Fuck) (Scene 3) at TitanMen

Resting outside, Dirk Caber teases his hole and strokes his rock-hard cock. He’s watched by furry daddy Anthony London, stroking his bushy slab. Dirk motions him over, his boner grinding on a towel as he deep throats London, who whips his dick on the sucker’s mouth.

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Topher DiMaggio Fucks Brent Corrigan in ‘Into The Blue’ Scene 4 at Falcon Studios

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Into The Blue (Topher DiMaggio Fucks Brent Corrigan) (Scene 4) at FalconStudios

Lounging by the pool, Brent Corrigan waits as Topher DiMaggio approaches. Topher knows what he wants and goes for it right away, wrapping his lips around Brent’s thick cock. He sucks on Brent’s balls and fingers Brent’s tight hole. Standing up, Topher pulls out his meat and offers it to Brent to suck on. With his expert deep throating skills, Brent is eager and up to the task.

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Ashton McKay Fucks Dorian Ferro in ‘My Man’ at

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My Man (Ashton McKay Fucks Dorian Ferro) at Gods Of Men

Dorian Ferro salivates over Ashton McKay’s delicious dick, sucking and riding that strong rod deep into his guts. Ashton pumps from behind, Dorian feeling every inch before they both explode.

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American College Sex: Baker Slams Demi

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Baker Slams Demi at AmateurCollegeSex

Baker has been working on his body and growing more and more excited to use it on the guys and girls at Corbin Fisher. Coed Demi quickly signed herself up to get another round with the handsome hunk after the good fucking he gave her before.

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Corbin Fisher: Harper & Reagan Rinse Off (Bareback)

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Harper & Reagan Rinse Off (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

If there’s two guys that can make a hot, steamy shower even hotter and steamer, it’s Harper and Reagan!

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James Huntsman Fucks Justin Owen in ‘Freshman Hustler’ at NextDoorStudios

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Freshman Hustler (James Huntsman Fucks Justin Owen) at Next Door Studios

Justin Owen is hard up for cash and looking to get into the game, but he doesn’t really know up from down, or really where he would even start. The only thing he can think of is to call someone who is already established and see if he can pick his brain for some pointers. Enter James Huntsman, a man with more than just a little pointer.

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Mateo Fucks Kevin David in ‘The Hockey Tournament’ Part 2 at Colby’s Crew

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The Hockey Tournament (Mateo Fucks Kevin David) at Colby's Crew

Mateo is a hockey player who’s just finished fucking his teammate hunky Tobias James. He’s on his way to grab a shower to cool off. With those hot earlobe piercings and his sexy accent, this dude is one fine piece of Italian maleness. Wearing nothing but a white towel around his waist, he opens the bathroom door and unexpectedly comes face to face with his other teammate, Frenchman Kevin David, who’s lounging in the tub.

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Chase Klein Fucks Cesar Rossi in ‘Instant Attraction’ Part 3 at PrideStudios

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Instant Attraction (Chase Klein Fucks Cesar Rossi) (Part 3) at PrideStudios

In the final installment of INSTANT ATTRACTION, we see Chase walking into the Locker Room after his workout. He is sweaty and toweling himself off when Cesar walks in to get ready for his workout. He sees Chase and starts up some small talk. He tells Chase that he hooked up with Toby on a couple occasions and that Toby was telling him about a very muscular guy he hooked up with and the description matches Chase.

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Boys Halfway House: Incident #128: Pickling His Cock Pocket

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Incident #128: Pickling His Cock Pocket at Boys Halfway House

Me and my fellow House Manager were horny, and luckily Mr. Goodie-Two-Shoes has an extremely bad short-term memory. Before you know if, we were tormenting him and banging his pussy. That cock pocket sure feels DAMN good. Going back and forth between his hole and his mouth made him cough a little, but overall, he put up with the cards we were dealing out. At the beginning, though, he was laughing like it was a total joke. All of us fuck him all the time, so I guess he’s gotten used to that part.

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Masson Shores at NextDoorEbony

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Masson Shores at NextDoorEbony

Masson Shores is in the comfort of his own home and decides to get a quick workout in. He likes to stay in shape and sometimes the gym is way too packed so working out at home is key. His body is built extremely sexy as you can watch him do squats, sit ups and some jumping jacks. You can see his big cock flop around in his underwear.

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Active Duty: Richard Buldger (New Recruit)

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Richard Buldger at ActiveDuty

This handsome young man goes by the name of Richard Buldger. Chatting with Claude, he seems just a tad nervous, but in the good way. Something about Richard tells me he’s an adventure seeker who craves new experiences. Hey, he wouldn’t be here in the first place otherwise! Richard relaxes on the couch, letting his hands run up and down his slick boner, displaying for us his impressive length and strength, sometimes beating his hard cock against his palm.

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Sean Zevran and Micah Brandt Flip-Fuck in ‘Bathhouse Ballers’ Scene 4 at Hot House

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Bathhouse Ballers (Sean Zevran and Micah Brandt Flip-Fuck) (Scene 4) at Hothouse

Micah Brandt sits down next to Sean Zevran in the sauna. Sean, eyes closed, glistens with sweat across his smooth, broad, muscular frame. Micah reaches over to grab a handful of Sean’s massive cock, and Sean returns the favor. Bending over, Micah wraps his lips around Sean’s throbbing meat and somehow manages to fit it inside his throat. As Micah stimulates the sensitive tip of Sean’s cock with his tongue, Sean reaches around to play with Micah’s ass.

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Jake Davis Fucks Gabriel Cross in ‘Straight Sugar’ at NextDoorRAW!

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Straight Sugar (Jake Davis Fucks Gabriel Cross) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

When Jake Davis knocked on his neighbor’s door, he never thought he’d soon be analyzing the construct of his marriage, but when Gabriel Cross enlightens him to the concept of an open relationship, Jake is immediately intrigued, concluding that ultimately his wife would find out.

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Marc Ruffalo Fucks Raphael Nyon in ‘Love Exhibition’ at Bel Ami Online

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Love Exhibition (Marc Ruffalo Fucks Raphael Nyon) at

Today we have one of Raphael Nyon’s early scenes with Marc Ruffalo.

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Colby Keller Fucks Jeremy Spreadums at CockyBoys

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Colby Keller Fucks Jeremy Spreadums at

Los Angeles, California, home to sexy, tanned, muscular studs who are questionably gay. Jeremy Spreadums seems to have it all figured out, though, especially when he goes out jogging at the park near his home. On one particular occasion, he made eye contact with another jogger who seemed to be following himÖ all the way back to his place in fact.

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Paul Canon & Wesley Woods Tag-Team Jake Ashford in ‘Heartbreakers’ Part 3 at

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Heartbreakers (Jake Ashford, Paul Canon & Wesley Woods) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Break-up sex has never been so hot. Wesley Woods, Paul Canon, and Jake Ashford get down and dirty in a hot fucking three-way where no cock is left un-serviced.

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