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Gay porn site reviews.

YouLoveJack Reviewed

Product Image:
My rating: 4 out of 5

Beginning back in July, the internet was graced with a new stable of studs at

The site features some great looking guys that range from 18 to about 25 and shows them off in both solo and action videos. The guys here are amateur but well sculpted. Nice bodies, great faces, and more cock than you can handle! An action favorite is Josh and Tigger. You can just tell it was a first hookup for the two, complete with lots of energy and exporation. Jordan and Jarrett fuck like horny rabbits in their video. These videos are well done, but not slick or too “professional.” That’s a good thing in this case because the reality of these guys and the situations really comes through.

YouLoveJack Reviewed

If solo gigs are more your thing, Tyler Mason, Maverick, and all the rest of the guys on are sure to keep you coming..and coming back for more. Cumshots are definitely highlighted as sometimes the guys spray onto a background so it all can be savored.

YouLoveJack Reviewed
YouLoveJack Model HomePage

The design of is clean and quite easy to navigate. And updates don’t fail to please. A membership to YouLoveJack also gets you access to other hot material from Squirtz, Dormboys, Freshmen online, Frat foot, and Montreal Boys Live. This value-added feature makes YouLoveJack all that more attractive (as if it needed to be).

The guys in these videos and images are wet dreams on legs. YouLoveJack is one of the newest sources of hot, amateur, guys on the web. These are guys you could easily see on a skateboard, talking up some hot girls, or playing a pickup game of basketball. They’re authentic.

And yes, we love

  • YouLoveJack Price Points At the time of review
    1. Option 1: 3 day trial – $2.95 for 3 days
    2. Option 2: 1 Month – $19.95 for 30 days
    3. Option 3: By Check – $24.95 for 30 days (then $24.95 recurring)

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Fratmen Reviewed: Alpha Chi, Aye Aye Aye!

Product Image: Fratmen TV
My rating: 5 out of 5

How’s the old joke go? “Why’s this the best finger for a frat guy to work his asshole? Because it’s mine.” Or something like that.

Our apologies, since we’re addled after hours of enjoying the high-definition studs at, one of the Web sites that makes you stop and wonder if things were ever this hot when I was in school? This clean and simple site is laid out as well as you’d like to lay out its fantasy-league frat brothers. Some of them are a little older than reality would suggest, but who’s complaining? We’d rush this group of guys any day, from the adorable Gabe dry-humping the couch with his log of a member, blond bubble-butted Landon (no relation to Michael), and the A&ampF-before-Gillette Noah, whose treasure trail ranks up there with the butt-best pirate maps of history.

Fratmen Models Gallery (60-100)
Aaron's Fratmen Movie Clips

The Fratmen site is made clean and simple so it can be operated in the wee hours after a long evening of beer-bonging and making subtle homosexual passes at straight guys. There’s live shows, Quicktime clips and stills from video to serve out any purpose you can think of. FMTV has roughly (yes, that’s the word) a hundred guys on site, more than enough to divide up and play scrimmage games of rugby, tag football, and the always-popular soap drop.

We pledge to uphold the Fratmen reputation, or to at least hold onto ourselves while watching them do their dirty work. Now, when’s the hazing begin?

Zeke's Fratmen Model Gallery
  • Fratmen Price Points At the time of review
    1. Option 1: 30 day recurring subscription ($24.95, rebills $24.95/month until cancelled)
    2. Option 2: 30 day one time charge (29.95, Does not rebill)
    3. Option 3: 3 Months ($59.95 for 3 months then rebills $18.95/month until cancelled)
    4. Option 4: 6 Months ($99.95 for 6 months, Does not rebill)

Visit Fratmen TV Reviewed: Stiff Upper Lip Req’d

Product Image:
My rating: 4 out of 5

Normally when we think of the British, we think of Nanny Deb throttling parents into making their children behave on Monday-night TV. But BlakeMason has us thinking differently.

BlakeMason answers the question Hostess gets every day: how many twinkies does it take to produce a ton of heavy cream? The site’s simply filled to the brim with whippet-lean guys covered in tats, spiked hair, barely mammalian levels of body hair and surprisingly, good dental work.

BlakeMason: Film Directory

The boys show up in a neatly arranged fashion. Thumbnails let you choose which guy will make your Union Jack off. There are videos and stills of each guy, with a new solo film appearing each Thursday and a new duo or hardcore movie on Sundays.

BlakeMason: Bio & Video Download Page
BlakeMason: Picture Gallery
BlakeMason: Full-Size Image Slide Show

Foreskin fans will be delighted by the selection of guys. For our purposes, you don’t have to go any further afield than Jose, a Madrid-born librarian that somehow snuck onto the site. He apparently didn’t speak much English to the BM shooters, but with a hairy asscrack and a cock like Nelson’s Column, who needs words?

BlakeMason: Jose's Model Bio

Lastly, the lads at BM want you to know they care. They’re not coming to your place to clean off your laptop keyboard, but if you subscribe to the site, they will donate 5 percent of their profits to charities that help young guys grapple with their sexuality.

Good makes good porn, we guess. If you like your men slim and shady–and want to walk away with a clean conscience–you’ll be glad you came all over

  • BlakeMason Price Points At the time of review
    1. Option 1: 30 day recurring subscription ($22.95 for 30 days, renews at $22.95 per 30 days thereafter)
    2. Option 2: 30 day one time charge (24.95 for 30 days, no automatic renewal)
    3. Option 3: 90 day one time charge ($54.95 for 90 days, no automatic renewal)

Check out BlakeMason for yourself! Reviewed: Our Kind of Privates

Product Image:
My rating: 4 out of 5

All the armed forces are represented in one of our favorite no-thrills, plenty-of-thrills porno sites,– even the Coast Guard. (Yep, them sea hags count too!)

Site founder and frequent cocksucker Rob Navarro says he started the site because he was tired of seeing “unattractive, overweight producers having sex with beautiful straight studs.” We’re not sure how Nathan Lane got involved, but Navarro’s trim figure shows up in a lot of videos, bobbing along some of the thick slabs from his recruits or slipping into the charmingly low-tech shoots he sets up.

MilitaryClassified Recruits Page 2

More important are the dudes he manages to lure on-camera: “They’re farm boys, Mormons, Irish and Catholics, some conservative, some rough around the edges, and some even kinky by gay standards but most of them are 1st timers who are innocent and shy but best of all…horny!”

M-Class is set up straighter than some of the guys that appear in its ranks. From the homepage, you sort through thumbnail images of the enlisted guys–and the occasional civilian–who signs up for duty in M-Class’ photos and videos. And that’s it. You can stroke off to stills taken from the video shoots, download the videos themselves and play them later (membership verification required).

MilitaryClassified Recruit Image Gallery

And the guys. Fuck, these guys are hot, in a clueless way. Recent Waybig headliner and U.S. Marine Nathaniel has a tattooed chest and the kind of cock that would make us sign up for active duty, and ex-Navy guy James looks damn close to the hot Latin daddy on Desperate Housewives. According to our host–who retells his encounters in a kind of JakeCruise way but without the attention-diverting introductions and mood-breaking callouts to the camera–these guys are straight as straight can be. We have our doubts, particularly when they know just how to probe their anuses to churn out a maximum jizz load. That’s our trick, breeders!

But who cares when you can have the sergeant of your dreams barking out a load on a relatively wide 720×480 screen? Let us sort the guys by military branch and convince a few more to take one in the ass for their country, and we’re ready to promote this site to five-star general.

  • MilitaryClassified Price Points At the time of review
    1. $15.95 (2 Days) – One Time Charge.
    2. $26.95 (30-Days) – Rebills $19.95 after 30-days.
    3. $36.95 (30-Days) – One Time Charge.
    4. $59.95 (90-Days) – Rebills $16.95 after 90-days.

Visit Reviewed: The Perfect (Blow) Job

Product Image:
My rating: 5 out of 5

You think your job is so great? All you get to do is steal free office supplies and once in a while, catch the semi-hot guy in the next cubicle jerking himself off in the men’s stalls. Well, okay – that is kinda hot.

Jake Cruise might have one on you. Straight and not so narrow guys come to his house all day long to get massages, get naked, get head, and more often than you’d think, get a little butt-ravaged. Color us jealous! We don’t know what lottery Jake won to be handing out the bills to get these boys in the fuck mood, but we say keep spreadin’ em. There’s quality straight and gay meat here, and by proxy with Jake, you get to see their cum faces without having to pay for dinner or do the whole “torture of a thousand emails” thing before you hook up.

Jake Cruise: The Guys

The site is laid out as simple as can be. Once you log in, click on a playing-card-like thumbnail of your boy of choice and it takes you to the preview screen where you can choose photos or movies. Some guys stop at a body massage, and those videos don’t have photos with them. The vast majority end with Jake sucking or fucking something, or at least watching, so make sure to turn down the volume on your screen when your supervisor decides it’s time for “team building” by tossing you a stupid football or asking you out to lunch or something really gay like that.

Jake Cruise: The Movies

New scenes are available every week, and DVD copies can be bought in case you fear burning the pixels into the computer screen. Whether it’s Jake fucking the delicious Mark, or simply rubbing down the adorable and hung Jacob, you’ll wish you could find that kind of work. Maybe it’s time to polish up on your resume?

  • Jake Cruise Price Points At the time of review
    1. Boyfriend: 30 days for only $24.95 – Renews at $24.95 every 30 days until cancelled.
    2. Fuck Buddy: 30 days for only $34.95 – Non-renewing one-time charge.
    3. Lover: 90 days for only $64.95 – Non-renewing one-time charge.


CorbinFisher Reviewed: The Name Game

Product Image:
My rating: 5 out of 5

Corbin FisherCollege men are something of a hobby here at Waybig. But we’re a little slow when it comes to literary devices, you know? So when we tasked ourselves with reviewing, we were expecting a variety of things. Maybe some high-schooler’s soccer blog, or potentially worse, a directory of all things angling.

Then we read the “about” page: “Have you ever wondered what that cute intern at the office or that college guy from the gym might look like slowly stripping his clothes off and pleasuring himself to a toe-curling orgasm upon request?”

Um, sure have! The fact is, you’d never know what steamy frat dudes and random, library-stacks hookups you’ll find hiding in the nooks and crannies at And while we’re still puzzled by the name, we’re also still burning the midnight oil taking in all the handsome, fresh-assed guys on this crisply designed, well-executed site.

CF Models Directory

First, the highlights. CorbinFisher promises 2 new videos a week – one hardcore action – loaded with guys from 18-22 years old, with rockin’ bodies and cute faces. We can attest to the quality of men posted here, from the muscular and big-dicked Cade, to the angelic Dawson and his blond hair – his all-over blond hair, to the extremely hung part-time barista Marco (yes, we’ll take ours extra foamy, please).

The kludge factor is nearly nil, too. You can search models by name or the action by attributes – big or small, young or old, by name or by group. CF has a nifty design, with very collegiate blue-and-yellow graphics that will make you feel like you’re in a locker room at the University of Michigan.

CF Digital Still Gallery

The downsides? Well, you have to pay for it. And if you’re a Quicktime buff, the Windows Media-format clips will bum you out. But if you make the switch, you’ll be able to download the clips right to your machine for repeated viewing. And if you’re all about totally straight guys who managed to get tricked into fucking and sucking, well, CF says it grades men on the hot scale, not on their inability to accessorize. Gay gets play here too, although it’s honestly hard to tell which hardbodies are on which side of the fence.

CF Video Download Page

No matter if they’re straight, gay or whatever-for-pay, CF’s models come across in loads of high-quality images and video. For sure, this site’s your ticket to carpal-tunnel syndrome no matter which hand you use to click, point and shoot.

  • Corbin Fisher Price Points At the time of review
    1. 7 days – $21.95 – Renews at $26.95 per month until cancelled.
    2. 30 days – $26.95 – Renews at $26.95 per month(after 3 months membership fee drops to $23.95 per month until cancelled).
    3. 30 days – $31.95 – One time charge.
    4. 90 days – $66.95 – One time charge.

Visit CorbinFisher or check out our other posts on CF

VarsityMen: Pre-Cummary

My rating: 5 out of 5

Words are for wusses–and action is where it’s at for the dudes at While none of them looks like they’re majoring in anything but homo economics, we’re willing to suspend our disbelief and replace it with a warm sense of well-being in our boxers.

Varsity Men: Slash Page

There’s very little fat here, on the site or on the models–with nine galleries stocked full of 12 models each, and a few couples thrown in for fun.

Varsity Men: Galleries
Varsity Men: Video Page

A Quicktime video frame shows you the goods in motion, or you can flip through the stills of guys like the thickly dicked Neil, the Caribbean/African/Latino studboy Randy who shoots pool in shorty shorts that leave an extra set of balls in line for the corner pocket, or the quality caramel-colored ass of muscular Brett and his very lightly hairy asshole, all in a nice big slideshow feature for seeing hard cock in full-screen format.

Varsity Men: Hands-Free Full-Screen Slide Show

With more than a hundred sets of photos and plenty of video, VarsityMen will keep you on the team, whether you bat righty or lefty.

Visit VarsityMen

Raunch Renaissance at Reviewed

If you are a connoisseur of cum, if you revel in raunch and your sexual leanings are on the unimaginable side of nasty, will be a point source for you. Raunch is an absolute wellspring of cum eating, used condoms, bareback fucking, cheesy cocks and smegma covered dicks to name a few. But be warned, is not for the faint of heart.

The site states that their horny, horse hung dudes fuck bareback, deep, hard and raw. Tons of sloppy man holes overflowing with spunk! See the aftermath of all nite sex parties, gaping boy pussies still aching for more cum.

Dirty Dick? That’s no problem, these guys do not mind, they service some of the nastiest dirty, cheese covered, uncut cocks around. Some of these guys have not showered or cleaned their foreskin in a week!

Offering an extensive mix of original custom photoshoots & video, plus hot pics and video of other site members who are truly into hardcore raunch sex!

Do you dare?


Site Review: Men At Play

Product Image: Men At Play
My rating: 5 out of 5

For those of you out there who have ever fantasized about your boss or male co-workers, Men At Play is a hundred of those fantasies crystalized into one macho, ladder-climbing venture of office debauchery. This site is all about extremely sexy hunks, in their offices, suited up in business attire and of course, various stages of undress, then fucking…

Men At Play is divided into office play categories such as: Office Boys, Exec Rivalry, and Power Games; with a great many picture galleries in each category, each with their own story. There is also an Erotic story section for those of you who enjoy a good jerk & read.

A good many of the picture galleries include videos of the story. The videos are encoded using Flash technology, so there’s no need to have any specific media player installed; the videos can run as long as 19 minutes.

To sum up, Men At Play is an easy to navigate, well-organized site with hours of hardcore orifice, I mean, OFFICE action to keep you and your cock occupied with more than just busy work.

Visit Men At Play

English Lads Reviewed

English Lads

These English Lads, young blokes and sexy striplings are ready to take on America and take off their wee undies for the camera. Nick Baker, the site’s photographer, picks models from different walks in life with many of them exclusive to English Lads. Just over half of the models on the site are straight, by-golly-gee!

Just as you enter English Lads you’ll be excited to find all the features that are available to you. The entrance page includes links to search, videos, favourites, the newsletter and it even has a contact link for feedback on the site or for any problems that you as a member may have encountered.

English Lads Search

On the entrance page you can browse from A – Z, search by statistics(depicted below), view the most recent photo sets, look through the sets of duos and groups or all of the above on one page. All the recent updates are listed which includes a thumbnail preview of the young guys. There is even a brief preview for the following update on the current page.

English Lads Search

The photographic quality is exceptional. The pictures are clear, crisp and the photographer has included variations from fully clothed to naked, masturbating, guys enjoying the pleasures of a no-holds-barred blowjob or hardcore anal fucking. Included is a description about the guy or guys and the photo shoot written by the photographer Nick Baker. On a side note, Nick’s voice is sinfully enchanting.

The first photo set I viewed was one of the most recent additions to English Lads. Nick was able to capture the sporty footballer, Anthony(below) warming up with the ball and then pulling down his shorts and having a wank in the forest!.

English Lads

Videos: members have access to many pages filled with thumb previews of the guys and include showering, bath time guys, hardcore, blowjobs, full-length movies that play for 30 plus minutes or shorter clips for those on dial-up or who have a slower connection. The videos can be viewed using QuickTime.

You have the opportunity to watch the movies or save them for a later date when you have time to view the hours of randy, young guys that this site has to offer. As a member, you have access to around 110 models(at the time of this review) that appear in this site for you to admire.

As far as viewing the movies, the owner of the site has organized the movies for easy use in sets of model/models. The movies are crystal clear, the sound is ok and Nick encourages the Lads to enjoy themselves with his sinfully enchanting English accent; I’m reminded of Jeremy Irons. Who could resist? Be sure to look for outtake photographs of the most recent shoots.

Check out English Lads for yourself, you’ll be VERY glad you did!

Randy Blue Reviewed

Randy Blue

Randy Blue’s creators, true porn pioneers in their own right, have fashioned a timeless realm of visual perfection here. This perfection of which I speak lead me to lose myself a number of times while jotting down my outline for this review. It’s easy to contend that Randy Blue has taken part and even helped create what may well be considered the golden age of gay erotica.

Having not been a member of Randy Blue before today, I didn’t know what to expect. There are so many websites in cyberspace that tout themselves as having exclusive or original content, but never actually deliver. With those sites, you never truly know what to expect until you actually join and log-in to see. I’m delighted to say that delivers on their promise of having the hottest, all original gay porn!

Randy Blue
Randy Blue

At the time this review was written, Randy Blue’s feature model, Sky, is gracing the welcome page. Sky(pictured below) is a lusciously beautiful, peaches & cream, boy-next door type who’s really packing. He’s very new to the boy/boy stuff and was a bit nervous at the prospect of sucking cock for the first time, but he really did a hot job. Gay, straight or whatever, Sky loves sex and like most guys his age, he can’t get enough of it.

Sky of RandyBlue
Sky and Adam of RandyBlue
Ricky of RandyBlue

You know that cheated feeling you get when you join different sites, but find they all have the exact same pics? With Randy Blue, there’s none of that business. All of the original videos & photos were shot by Randy Blue. There are no tired, overplayed and repackaged stock galleries here.

With your Randy Blue membership, you also get access to sites such as Boy Casting, Cum on Boys, Fetish Force, Hardcore Theater, SexGaymes, Squirtz, and bonus access to Amateur Jerk Off and Twink Jackoff as well.

Visit Randy Blue

BoyFunk Reviewed

Barely legal never looked so good…
BoyFunk's JesseIf you like to jack your cock off to the sight of hot, young, amateur boys fucking for their first time, just wait till you see what has in store for you. Barely legal boys with smooth and sweaty rock hard abs, and the closest, most personal view of Boyfunk’s tasty models like never seen before with over 10,000 X rated pics and 24/7 webcam access.

Watch the training of the up coming professional porn star, Jesse, an 18 year old Canadian born model. All you need to spooge all over yourself is to feast your eyes on this boy’s body just once. His eyes and boyish smile alone are a magnet that will keep your cock pointing north to Canada for days on end, this goes without mentioning his other intimate assets. Jesse’s massive uncut shaft explodes all over himself and his tasty sex partner after a plentiful amount of mesmerizing hardcore action. What any man wouldn’t give to be his sex slave!

Other upcoming stars include super-twink Sammy Case and high school hottie Elijah. These two get it on in some hardcore poolside action as well as in their own personal solo videos. They are a must-see for any man’s homoerotic amateur fantasy to come true. Listen to them scream as their tight warm boy holes get fucked for the very first time on camera, making you feel like you are a part of the action.

Jesse at Boyfunk

Jesse at Boyfunk Jesse at Boyfunk Jesse at Boyfunk

Elijah and Sammy at BoyFunk

Elijah blowing Sammy Elijah filling Sammy Elijah entering Sammy’s boy hole

Boyfunk is the only site where you can send personal messages to their models and have them uniquely responded to by the models themselves. The site also allows you to interact with the models and talk with them one on one with live XXX Chat.

The pics and videos of the lustful, lubricated handpicked boymeat is updated weekly. Additionally, while the boys are taking your requests for personalized sexual action, they are performing nightly for your enjoyment over a live stream of video from the BoyFunk studios.

So cum on in and join the action at, You won’t regret it. I guarantee it.

BF Collection Reviewed – the abbreviated name for, and location of, Boy Fun Collection, is a sizeable compendium of videos and photos of hot, young, horny boys. I guarantee the hot material here will get you going – and if it doesn’t – you really should check for a pulse!

Sexy Luke Reviewed

Sexy Luke
(Reviewed 14 March 2005)

Sexy Luke

In the world of professional sports, there’s the concept of a “franchise player.” Broadly defined, that is a player whose talents are so invaluable that a whole team’s success can grow from him or her alone. If there is an analogous concept in the world of porn – you’ll see it perfectly illustrated at

Sexy LukeSexy Luke

This site was created to depict the exploits of a certain randy and “rude” lad from the UK named Luke. Luke tells us stories throughout the site, providing us with a unique and insightful personal element to go along with the usual hard-ons and stroking sessions. You’ll hear about some of hot exploits surrounding his job in a pub.

Sexy LukeSexy LukeSexy Luke

Luke is a hot 19-year old guy whose look is grounded firmly on the twink side of things. He’s got great assets (including tan, smooth skin and a sizeable uncut cock) and just enough attitude to keep it interesting. offers very high quality photos and widescreen Quicktime videos (accompanied by some mood music) that portray Luke in a variety of settings. Don’t expect much along the lines of action with other guys or penetration – but Luke’s steamy solo sessions will be sure to please.

Sexy LukeSexy Luke

The site is has a slick and easily navigable design. At $9.95 for a month ($8.95 recurring) is quite a bargain. Naturally the site is “all about Luke” – so if Luke pushes your buttons – by all means, sign up! One thing is for sure – he never fails to please. Check out and I am sure you’ll agree.


Amateur Straight Guys Reviewed

Amateur Straight Guys (Reviewed 11 March 2005)

Amateur Straight Guys, as the name suggests, features a bevy of boys that skew straight and are definitely amateur and hot.

Lots of sites entice potential subscribers with some images of the hottest and best of what they have to offer. In the case of ASG, you aren’t tempted with one sort of material then find the rest to be sub-par. The content the guys at ASG provide is excellent and doesn’t disappoint once your explorations go beyond the opening pages.

The videos provided here are good quality and get very up-close and personal. Here, the guys producing the material don’t shy away from inserting themselves (yes) into the scenes in a variety of ways. If you think you’re just going to see the guys the movies “star” – in many cases you might be surprised. The guys who put the site together aren’t shy about participating in a variety of ways – from talking to the boys about their fantasies and turn-ons to sucking, rimming, and fucking right there on camera! For some this might be an added bonus – taking the third person perspective to first person – and in a hurry. For others, it might be a distraction – and detract from the hotness of the omniscient, voyeur viewpoint. Either way – you’ll feel like you’re right there, involved in the action.

The content doesn’t fail to provide lots of hard-ons, over and over. You’ll find a broad and deep collection of material – plenty of solo jerkoff movies, duos, three-ways, and more. If you like the notion of seducing a straight guy – then this will definitely keep your fantasies alive and well – as you will see it happen over and over. One of the hottest things is seeing the straight guy start checking his friend out then not being able to hold back….first tentatively exploring and stroking…then maybe moving on to sucking and fucking. More often than not, a guy will give into his cravings and experimental side.

As for the guys themselves – you’ll see plenty of hot lean twinks, muscle boys with tattoos, skaters, street rats, and boys-next-door. One thing they all have in common – nice big cocks, lots of cum, and lots of hot action – cocksucking, fucking, rimming, experimentation, toys, and more. You name it, ASG will provide. One of the strongest points of their whole site is the variety and high quality of the dudes that show off for their cameras.

Technically speaking, the site is fairly easy to navigate. Even if you end up where you’d not intended, chances are you’ll find a fuck flick to take care of business!

Some increased consistency in the pages for each movie would be great. It is nice, however, that different download options are available. One other thing that might improve the use of the site is to make the movies downloadable all in one part. For some this is available and for some it’s not.

For the cost ($19.95/recurring at the time of review), the site will provide hours of viewing pleasure and is one I would certainly categorize as worth the investment. A huge amount of videos and images make the cost a bargain. There are lots of sites out there with much less content that cost as much or more. Furthermore, ASG is a site that frequently updates – you won’t feel like you are paying for the same thing every month. You won’t be disappointed and neither will your dick.


Boy-Smoking Reviewed (Reviewed 13 March 2005)

I’ll be the first to admit that while writing this review, I kept getting interrupted. No, it wasn’t a case of adult ADD, but every time I’d refer to the site – I’d get caught up and distracted – downloading and browsing (along with related activities). is comprised of a large collection of photos and videos featuring what you might imagine – boys smoking. However, while smoking, they’re doing other things, too. You’ll see a lot of photos of guys puffing away while stroking away. If smoking does it for you – this is the place! If you don’t care for smoking boys, particularly, this is still the place for you!

Once you see some of the movies offered by (like the ones involving the twins serviced by the hot street rat, the 3-way in the back of a truck belonging to one of the guys, or maybe the one in which a hottie licks his own cock while getting an assist from his friend) you will understand what I mean. The guys who put this together have a good eye for talent. There’s a fair representation of euro guys as well as the all-american pretty-boy types. Lots of smoothies, lots of big dicks, and of course – lots of puffing! For those among us who are particularly turned on by cigarette smoking – you certainly won’t be disappointed.

The design of the site makes for easy navigation, on the whole. The front page provides access to photos and you just have to click ahead if you’re more into moving pictures. As with some other sites, some improvements could be made. In this case, not all of the movies are able to be downloaded in one complete file – requiring multiple clicks and some patience if you want to see the whole thing. Otherwise, if you wanna see smoke rings and loads blown, you can skip ahead to one of the end segments.

This certainly represents a niche in the realm of erotica and for the quality received here, you can expect to pay a little more. But if smokin’ boys get you boned, then it’s well worth the investment. You’ll certainly get plenty of bang for your buck – check out