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LucasEntertainment: Executives (Logan Stevens & Robert Van Damme)

Executives (Logan Stevens & Robert Van Damme) at

A toast to business partners: beefcake executive Robert Van Damme and slender, blond wunderkind Logan Stevens seal a business deal the only way two hot guys should: with hard, intense gay sex! There’s some kissing, but it’s mouth-to-cock contact these to hunks are truly after. It’s Robert’s turn first — he pulls his pants down and reveals the thick, uncut cock hanging between his legs, which Logan gobbles right up. He swallows all of Robert’s dick, going right down to his balls — Robert even hold Logan’s head to force his bottom’s throat!

Watch Logan Stevens & Robert Van Damme at LucasEntertainment

It’s Gonna Hurt: Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call at ItsGonnaHurt

If you love big black dick then you would love to be woken up by one being stabbed in your eye. This weeks update is classic. We actually started this shoot with Izzy slapping his massive dick off this guy Alex’s face while he was asleep. As soon as Alex woke up he was in heaven and immediately started blowing the shit out of that big chocolate stick. Alex really enjoyed himself today and we think you will too. Check it out bitches!

Watch Alex Vaara & Izzy at ItsGonnaHurt

SouthernStrokes: Tyler Sweet (Solo)

Tyler Sweet (Solo) at Southern Strokes

I am a big admirer of Tyler’s work so I had to reach out to his manager and see when we could get him out to the ranch. Well as luck would have it, Tyler is actually pretty close to where we are so I invited him up for a weekend of fun and fucking. He came driving up the dirt driveway that Friday afternoon along with another 5 models that were there for the weekend activities.

Watch Tyler Sweet at SouthernStrokes

SeanCody: Rudy (II)

Rudy II at SeanCody

Rudy stands 6’3″ tall, is 210 pounds solid, and is very well built!

Watch Rudy at SeanCody

CollegeDudes: Connor Maguire (Busts A Nut)

Connor Maguire (Busts A Nut) at

Connor Maguire is a fiery red head with a nice body and a big cock. We were really excited to be working with Connor, and when we met him in person we were even more excited. In his solo, Connor tells us about the time he had sex on a ferris wheel – we can imagine that was an exciting time! Other than normal things twenty year olds do, Connor is also on a quest to bag a celebrity. Just thinking about it gets Connor riled-up. After he strips down to show off his nice body, Connor works up his dick and begins to stroke…

Watch Connor Maguire at CollegeDudes

NextDoorMale: Squash Jack (Anthony Romero)

Squash Jack (Anthony Romero) at Next Door Male

Anthony Romero is paying tribute to the fall season, making use of the bountiful crop, and giving thanks by fucking the juice out rind fruit and gourds. He’s harvesting a hard-on in his pants that needs to be unleashed, so he turns to his garden for nature’s own fuck-toys. Watch as he begins by jacking himself off with a hollowed out squash (aka the Poke-a-hontas) and then whet your appetite as he mercilessly pounds the the meat of a melon into soggy pulp before exploding all over his own chest. Oh, you’ll be thankful indeed.

Watch Anthony Romero at NextDoorMale

Squirtz: Hasher (Solo)

Hasher (Solo) at

Hasher is a professional dancer proficient in all types of dance. But even though he gets paid to dance, he’s always dancing for fun because he loves it so much. And his sex life seems to be as active and varied as his dance life since he really likes variety and lots of action in sex. His first sex was with a fireman and to this day he thinks no sexual experience has beat the first time.

Watch Hasher at Squirtz

HardBritLads: Gang Bang (Part 2)

Gang Bang (Part 2) at HardBritLads

The 4 hottest lads and biggest cocks, extreme arse stretching, with 5 incredible positions, including Spit-Roasting, Chain Fucking & Double Penetration, ending in an awesome cum facial as all the lads spunk their loads over Lukes face and into his mouth. AMAZING!

Watch Matt Brooks, Luke Desmond, Leo Helios & Justin Harris at HardBritLads

ChaosMen: Darrell & Eli (G:h0le .18)

Darrell & Eli (G:h0le .18) at ChaosMen

Darrell said he wasn’t pee shy at all, and said he had done a glory hole with a girl. (does that really exist?!) When he heard me mention of the G:hOle, he was totally down with it.

Watch Darrell & Eli at

BrokeStraightBoys: Conner (Solo)

Conner (Solo) at Broke Straight Boys

Connor is a fan of country music but he certainly isn’t a shy cowboy. Watch as Connor wanks off in front of a camera for the first time for the benefit of the Broke Straight Boys members!

Watch Conner at BrokeStraightBoys

ChaosMen: Angelo ‘Edge’

Angelo 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Thought I would finish off the Monster Cock Week with Angelo Edge which was a special feature on an Edge DVD!

Not a lot of craaaazy fantasy stuff, just one big amazing cock!

Watch Angelo & at Chaosmen

CorbinFisher: Corbin’s Halloween Bash

Corbin's Halloween Bash at CorbinFisher

When we throw a party at Corbin Fisher … we don’t mess around! We had an awesome time getting into the Halloween spirit. We decorated the place and got some of our favorite studs together for some spooky, holiday fun.

Watch Corbin’s Halloween Bash at CorbinFisher

SeanCody: Derek & Immanuel

Derek & Immanuel at SeanCody

I really wanted to see Derek’s big, muscular body railing into someone!

Watch Derek & Immanuel at SeanCody

Fratmen.TV: Fratpad Fridays 3

Fratpad Fridays 3 at

In this bonus update, we have another installment of the sexy, naked craziness that captured from Friday nights at the Fratpad. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone, including naked exercising, crazy competitions, and that brotherly fun you can only get from the Fratpad.

Visit Fratmen.TV

BelAmiOnline: Jean-Daniel Chagall & Malcolm Benoist

Jean-Daniel Chagall & Malcolm Benoist at BelamiOnline

As promised when releasing Malcolm’s solo photo set in September, this is his long awaited pairing with Jean-Daniel. However, this isn’t the first time that they have shot together. The first was with Howard Roffman, which is available through the documentary section of our website. They followed up with this full photo set with Marty Stevens.

Watch Jean-Daniel Chagall & Malcolm Benoist at BelAmiOnline

LucasEntertainment: Horny Fuckers (Gavin Waters & Marc Dylan)

Horny Fuckers (Gavin Waters & Marc Dylan) at

It’s impossible to match the physiques of these two guys: Blond hunk Gavin Waters is tall and built like an Olympic power-top, which is just fine with Marc Dylan, the Southern sex-pot with a killer body ripped with muscles. He truly has the chest and stomach of a superhero! Because this is an “Auditions” movie, there’s some discussion with Michael Lucas at the beginning, but what’s really wanted is to watch these two hardcore guys collide into each other.

Watch Gavin Waters & Marc Dylan at LucasEntertainment

AmateurCollegeSex: Ashley Dominates Connor & Sean

Ashley Dominates Connor & Sean at AmateurCollegeSex

Ashley sure loves to dominate these young college studs! And this time around it’s an eager Connor and a slightly nervous Sean who get tied up and dominated – and the results are hot!

Watch Ashley, Connor & Sean at AmateurCollegeSex

BoundJocks: Dominik Rider Tickles Lucky Daniels

Dominik Rider Tickles Lucky Daniels at

Now we know how Lucky Daniels gets his name… He’s LUCKY to be hogtied to a cold metal table with his ass in the air and his wrists strapped in front of him. Dominik Rider enters in a jockstrap and approaches the helpless victim on the table. Dominik begins to tickle Lucky’s exposed feet and sides making him burst into laughter. Lucky’s begs to stop through fits of laughter. Finally Dominik relents and lets Lucky bang out a load before finally setting him free.

Watch Dominik Rider Tickles Lucky Daniels at

RandyBlue: Boys Night Out (Eric Pryor, Caleb Strong, Derek Atlas & Paul Wagner)

Boys Night Out (Eric Pryor, Caleb Strong, Derek Atlas & Paul Wagner) at Randy Blue

When Eric Pryor gets involved in a Halloween orgy with Caleb Strong, Derek Atlas and Paul Wagner, he can’t quite shake the feeling that amidst all the cock sucking and ass fucking something is terribly wrong.

Watch Eric Pryor, Caleb Strong, Derek Atlas & Paul Wagner at RandyBlue

SouthernStrokes: Logan Taylor & Colt McGraw

Logan Taylor & Colt McGraw at Southern Strokes

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect out of this pairing. This is Logan’s first video and he proclaims to not have much experience with guys. On the other side we have Colt that can turn it off and on at will but most of all he just loves to be serviced. I wanted Logan to get fucked in this video but he took one look at Colt’s big dick and said that he would do anything other than take that monster first thing.

Watch Logan Taylor & Colt McGraw at SouthernStrokes

ChaosMen: Heath & Stone (Raw Flip-Flop)

Heath & Stone (Raw Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

I guess I was on a mission to put Stone with other hairy guys, but I have so few that I ran out quickly. I try though!

Watch Heath & Stone at ChaosMen

CollegeDudes: Devin Adams Fucks Chad Carlisle

Devin Adams Fucks Chad Carlisle at

Devin Adams and Chad Carlisle got along well when they met – and we could tell there would be some excitement in the air. Chad comes across as a little timid, but Devin really knows how to show a newbie the ropes!

Watch Devin Adams Fucks Chad Carlisle at CollegeDudes