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Diego Sans Fucks Rikk York in ‘Te Amo’ at

Te Amo (Diego Sans Fucks Rikk York) at Gods Of Men

Rikk York and Diego Sans explore each other’s tight and taut bodies. After a hot make-out session, Diego moves those dreamy lips down to Rikk’s beautiful cock. After a wet rim job deep in Rikk’s hole Diego penetrates Rikk’s round hairy ass with passion, bouncing that bubble butt with each thrust until ropes of cum cover the tattooed hottie.

Rikk York Fucks Brendan Phillips in ‘The Steam Room’ Part 4 at Bromo

The Steam Room (Rikk York Fucks Brendan Phillips) (Part 4) at Bromo

Rikk York and Brendan Phillips bring us back the kink we were all missing in our lives. Rikk takes charge and uses Brendan like the plaything he is, shoving his massive cock all the way to the back of Brendanís head, then flipping him around, and ramming it raw and hard inside Brendanís hot ass.

Tegan Zayne & Rikk York Flip-Fucks in ‘The Thirst Is Real’ Scene 4 at RagingStallion

The Thirst Is Real (Tegan Zayne & Rikk York Flip-Fucks) (Scene 4) at Raging Stallion

Passionate kissing has furry Tegan Zayne and tatted bad boy Rikk York ready to fuck! Tegan gets down and dirty with a blowjob for Rikk’s big, veiny cock. Spit flies as Tegan takes in Rikk’s member all the way to the back of his throat. Tegan lays back and holds his legs in the air to let Rikk pile-drive his hairy hole with his tongue. He moves from Tegan’s hole to his cock, then sucks on Tegan’s heavy balls.

Jaxton Wheeler Fucks Rikk York in ‘The Steam Room’ Part 1 at Bromo

The Steam Room (Jaxton Wheeler Fucks Rikk York) (Part 1) at Bromo

The world of steam rooms and bathhouses is revisited in this first installment of The Steam Room, with powerhouse Jaxton Wheeler luring Rikk York into the sauna with his massive cock peeking out from under his towel. Rikk doesn’t waste any time and deep-throats Jaxton, right before sliding his incredible ass of his onto Jaxton’s thick cock bareback. Jaxton then mercilessly fucks Rikk in what is definitely one of the best bareback scenes of the year.

D.K. Fucks Rikk York in ‘Down To Fuck’ Scene 4 at LucasEntertainment

Down To Fuck (D.K. Fucks Rikk York Bareback) (Scene 4) at LucasEntertainment

Closing out the 2015 Fire Island production is D.K.’s huge dick. Some of the Lucas Entertainment models were intimidated by the size D.K is packing in his pants, but Rikk York was up to the challenge. Rikk is a really handsome guy, and the look on his face when he has a huge black cock deep in his ass is exquisite. Check out this encounter and see for yourself!

Dylan James Fucks Rikk York in ‘Gentlemen 15: Suited For Sex’ Scene 4 at LucasEntertainment

Dylan James Fucks Rikk York in Gentlemen 15: Suited For Sex at LucasEntertainment

Dylan James is just as hungry as Sergeant Miles is — these military men can’t help themselves! Rikk York is perfect for Dylan since he loves a good cock-sucking challenge himself, and man, does he swallow every inch Dylan gives him.

Gentlemen 15: Suited For Sex: Drae Axtell Fucks Rikk York Bareback in ‘Scruff In Suits’ at LucasEntertainment

Drae Axtell Fucks Rikk York Bareback in 'Scruff In Suits' at LucasEntertainment

If we’re going to roleplay in suits, then let’s roleplay with Drae Axtell’s purple attire — it’s totally Latin gangster. Since we’re on that theme, then Rikk York is his subordinate and he takes it up the ass from his boss when the other goons aren’t around.

LucasEntertainment: Hung As Fuck (Pedro Andreas Fucks Rikk York) (Bareback) (Scene 3)

Hung As Fuck (Pedro Andreas Fucks Rikk York) (Bareback) (Scene 3) at LucasEntertainment

Now that’s a sight I could get used to: Pedro Andreas is sitting back with his hard-on saluting northward for Rikk York to get to work on. I’m used to seeing Rikk on his Twitter account where he comes off as a no-bullshit top.

LucasEntertainment: Raw & Ready (Rikk York & Logan Stone) (Scene 4) (Bareback)

Rikk York & Logan Stone (Bareback) at LucasEntertainment

Pay attention now, all you fans of ass-to-mouth. There’s an incredible fellatio shot in this scene at 29:30. It’s after Logan Stone gets done pounding Rikk York in Sean Duran’s summertime getaway. Logan creams in Rikk’s ass and pulls out — this prompts Rikk to drop to his knees and gently nurse on Logan’s cock, making sure not a single drop of his raw load is wasted. That’s just a taste of what these two lean hunks bring to this sexual encounter.

MenOver30: Myskivvious (Rikk York & Hugh Hunter)

Myskivvious (Rikk York & Hugh Hunter) at MenOver30

Rikk York and Hugh Hunter are out shopping for new undies at their favorite shop in down town. They grab a few pairs and head to the dressing room to try them on one by one. They watch each other trying on undies and they both get hard.

MenOver30: Sleepy Head (Rikk York & Johnny Hazzard)

Sleepy Head (Rikk York & Johnny Hazzard) at MenOver30

Rikk York woke up this morning and Johnny Hazzard wasn’t in bed next to him so he walks downstairs and heads to the fridge for some juice. As he’s drinking the juice he notices the TV is one and there is Johnny passed out on the couch again.

JizzOrgy: My 2 Daddies (Aaron Bruiser, Charlie Harding, John Magnum, Luke Adams & Rikk York) (Part 3)

My 2 Daddies (Aaron Bruiser, Charlie Harding, John Magnum, Luke Adams & Rikk York) (Part 3) at JizzOrgy

By New Years Eve, Luke Adams has settled into his new home he shares with Charlie Harding and Aaron Bruiser. Luke’s ‘daddies’ have invited a couple friends, John Magnum and Rikk York, over to ring in the New Year. John and Rikk are intrigued when they meet Luke who is a perfect houseboy.

MenOver30: Love & Lather (Rikk York & Damien Crosse)

Love & Lather (Rikk York & Damien Crosse) at MenOver30

Rikk York has a surprise waiting for Damien Crosse and he has no clue as to what it is except that it requires him to wear a robe. Rikk has spent a good amount of time setting up a nice warm intimate bath with Champagne and strawberries…